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Is your property is overdue for improvement? There is nothing quite like walking into your house and feeling like you have stepped into the home of your dreams - a renovated bathroom that feels like a luxury spa or a new kitchen that dazzles. We can make it happen .

With impeccable attention to detail and 13 years experience in home renovations, we can manage your project for you to uplift your home and turn it into a beautiful sanctuary. We have clever design ideas and will ensure that you are thrilled with the results. We are the renovation experts. With the number of choices at there, making the right decision can sometimes be daunting. We can make the task much easier with our proven expertise and knowledge of design, function and aesthetics.


Looking to boost your rental return? Do you want to safeguard reliable income by attracting the most suitable occupant? Let us help you unlock the potential of your investment.


We will professionally manage your renovation from the planning stage through design, approvals, and execution. We will hand you back a freshly renovated property that is clean and ready to rent.


An unleased property, equals a loss of income, while over capitalizing can take years to recoup. With us your project will be timelessly designed, low maintenance, appropriately capitalized, finished to the highest standards of workmanship, and completed in the narrowest possible time-frame.


We can work with you to maximise your property’s sale price through a pre-sale renovation. 

Our advanced feasibility analysis will assist in maximising return on your investment in a capital improvement. We will tailor your renovation having regard to current market conditions and can even stage your property for sale.  By managing the life cycle of your renovation and staying with you through to sale, we can help you maximise the potential of your property

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